How to Send Full Image Size & Resolution in Whatsapp


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the leading instant messenger around the world with over a billion active users. It is used by users for not only staying in touch with family and friends but also to share memories by sending photos and videos. But there is one minor issue with image sharing on WhatsApp which is that it ends up compressing the image file while sharing. It means even though the image might look fine on the smartphone, you would notice lose of details and quality while viewing it on a bigger display like on a PC.

That’s quite a bummer, right? But worry not, we at Kolaclan have found a simple way to send a full resolution picture in WhatsApp. Let’s check them out.


Step 1: You simply need to share image files on WhatsApp as a document. Tap on the file attachment icon and choose Document option from the list.


Step 2: Tap Browse other docs option available at the top. This will open the file browser for you to browse and select all sorts of files. Since we are talking about images, select the image file(s) you want to share in the original quality.


Step 3: After selecting the files you want to send, tap the Open option given at the top right corner of the file browser interface. It will ask for your confirmation to send and once you allow, it will send selected images to the recipient in original quality.


Note: You should know a few things. Sending original, full resolution images come at a cost. You will be using more data (you have been warned). If data cap is not your concern then it’s fine.

Also, be sure to delete the sent items in your WhatsApp folder as they are the duplicate images of what you already have. To delete, Open File manager > Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Documents > Sent.

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