How To Root And Unroot Any Android Device


Android rooting opens up a world of possibilities while it can also avoid phone warranty and possibly leaves you with a bricked device. So while rooting your android device, it is required that you should know the benefits and risks of Rooting. So this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to Root and also Unroot your Android device. Some devices can be rooted in minutes while others take a while, so it depends on the device. Also, Rooting makes your device superuser, why not give it a try.

What Is Rooting?

Rooting means obtaining “superuser” rights and permissions to your android’s software. It allows user to dive deeper into the device’s sub system. It clearly means that it allows you to access the entire operating system of your device.

Should I Root My Android Device?

Maybe, yes or no. All these answers are not invalid, different people have different reasons why they want to root their phones. I’ll say yes if you’re enthusiastic about modifying or tweaking android, and if you are not satisfied with the looks, or you want to remove the restriction to some cool functions like installing a custom rom (upgrading the devices OS), removing unwanted data wasting system apps, or increase online video streaming quality etc. In summary rooting makes you the master or your phone and gives you total control, in addition you can automate everything on your Android device.

Disadvantages Of Rooting

  • Device warranty will Void.
  • Bricking your Phone.
  • Security Risks.
  • Advantages Of Rooting

  • Rooting enables the user tweak more than 90% of android games for unlimited rewards like coins and money etc.
  • Perform a Complete backup: Rooting enables you to create a complete backup of your device. It can also backup the ROM itself while an unrooted Android phone can only make a backup of some settings and apps of your device.
  • Removing unwanted Ads in apps: Rooting your phone gives you’re the ability to remove unwanted ads in any app or game.
  • Increase battery life and Boosting your Device Speed: Applications like Greenify can kill(close) the useless background running applications automatically, this can effectively improve your device’s performance. Note that powerful apps like this need root access.
  • Installing Custom ROMS: Rooting enables you to flash a custom ROM, which means you can use any OS on your phone as long as the ROM is siutable for your phone i.e Tecno m6 cannot be use Lineage OS because it hasn’t been designed for Tecno m6 at the moment.
  • Removing Bloatware(system apps): Phone manufacturers won’t allow uninstalling pre installed apps on your devices, but rooting your phone and installing the right app can give you the permission to uninstall them, example of these apps are Lucky patcher, Rom tool box, ES file explorer etc.

  • So, let's get to the main deal. The process requires users to backup current files.
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    Rooting Using Framaroot App


    Framaroot is a one-click universal root method that works on a number of Android devices. With a couple of root exploits attached with the app, you can easily root your device in no time. The app also allows users to unroot their devices within a single-click, so you can just go back to the unrooted state in a second should you want to. So without further ado, let’s see how you can root your device using Framaroot:

    Check the compatibility list to see if Framaroot supports your Android phone. If your device is listed, go ahead and if not then stop here.

    Install Framaroot on your phone. Download Framaroot APK file on your phone. If you have the APK file downloaded on your computer, copy the file to your phone via USB cable. Then go to Settings>>Security>>Unknown source to enable the install of applications outside of Play Store, after that, use a file explorer to install Framaroot on the phone.

    Open the Framaroot app on your phone, from the drop-down list, choose "Install SuperSU". Then select any exploits. After that, the application will start to root your device and you have to reboot the device after it has successfully rooted.


    Congratulations your device has been rooted. To check if it has been rooted successfully, download Android Root Checker Here.

    Open it & Click on Check Button


    When asked for permission, click on grant.

    How To Unroot Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds

    When you need to unroot your rooted phone, just launch Framaroot on your phone, and choose "Unroot" from the drop-down list. In 10 second, your Android phone will get back to the unrooted status. Finally restart your device and you're ready to go. You can uninstall the app if you wish.


    With Framaroot, it is just a piece of cake to root and unroot your phone, right? Have a try with the application and tell us about your experience.

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