How to Fix “Android is Starting” Followed by “Optimizing Apps…” Issue on Android Phone.


Have you ever noticed that every once in a while, our Android device behaves peculiar during the start up. Whether it be the device stuck in boot-loop or the optimizing app 1 of 1 issue, they are all irritating. Like me, if you’ve ever faced the later one, this post will guide you to solve the “Android is starting” or “Optimizing Apps” issue.

After doing a lot of background work, i found out that the error Android is Starting started with the android version 5.1, so i'll be providing some certain fixes. Go through one by one and fix android is upgrading optimizing app right now. Here we go.

Method 1: Delete Cache partition

One of the solutions, that worked for me is to wipe cache partition. For this, you need to enter safe mode and delete cache partition. To wipe cache partition, just:

  • Power Off the device
  • Hold Power Off + Volume Button for about 5 seconds
  • Using the volume keys, navigate to Wipe cache partition
  • Press Power button to confirm
  • Img

However, this process depends on the number of apps you have installed on your Smartphone. Therefore, it may take time but after that, it will work to optimize all apps again.

Method 2: Remove SD card and reinsert it

When the above method does not work then try this method to get away of ‘Android is starting’ error message.


This is also one of the simple and best way to come out of such android problem is by removing SD card from device. This is recommended because some apps may have installed on your SD card, which will help to push the apps optimization process to loop and allows the phone to complete the entire process.

After this entire process gets over, the device gets booted. Now insert the SD card and move the apps that are installed in the SD card to devices internal memory.

Method 3: Factory reset

Last but not the least. If after applying the above methods, you didn't get the desired result. This method is the most effective of all this method is very important when you failed on working all the above methods. Follow the below instructions carefully and you can get rid of it in a more successful way. So are you ready? Well, get back here with all the steps, apply them and solve it today itself.

  • Initially, hold and press both power button and volume down button till you see the logo appearing on your Android screen.
  • Now simply, use the volume button and then choose wipe data/ factory reset option successfully.
  • Confirm on moving to factory reset option.
  • Wait for several minutes and then delete the entire content with no doubt.
  • Press the power button and at last, wait till your Android mobile reboots completely where exactly you see the setup screen.

So, did any of these methods help you to solve the “Android is starting” or “Optimizing Apps” issue? Or do you have any other tricks? Let us know in the comment section below. Don't forget to share to a friend who might need this. Sharing is caring.

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